Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sort Columns of the Table using Word VBA

Sort Word Table columns using Word VBA

The following function uses Selection.Sort, you can try alternative methods if selection is not possible / permissible

Function SortTable()


Selection.Sort(ExcludeHeader:=True, FieldNumber:="Column 1", SortFieldType _

:=wdSortFieldAlphanumeric, SortOrder:=wdSortOrderAscending, FieldNumber2 _

:="", SortFieldType2:=wdSortFieldAlphanumeric, SortOrder2:= _

wdSortOrderAscending, FieldNumber3:="", SortFieldType3:= _

wdSortFieldAlphanumeric, SortOrder3:=wdSortOrderAscending, Separator:= _

wdSortSeparateByTabs, SortColumn:=False, CaseSensitive:=False, LanguageID _


Selection.MoveRight(Unit:=wdCharacter, Count:=1)

End Function

The above uses as three column table. Please customize it for your use

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