Sunday, July 20, 2008

Format ListColumns using VBA

Format ListObject Columns Programmatically using Excel VBA

Sub Format_ListColumns()

Dim oWS As Worksheet ' Worksheet Object

Dim oRange As Range ' Range Object - Contains Represents the List of Items that need to be made unique

Dim oLst As ListObject ' List Object

Dim oLC As ListColumn ' List Column Object

On Error GoTo Disp_Error

' ---------------------------------------------

' Coded by Shasur for

' ---------------------------------------------

oWS = ActiveSheet

If oWS.ListObjects.Count = 0 Then Exit Sub

oLst = oWS.ListObjects(1)

oLC = oLst.ListColumns("Price")

oLC.DataBodyRange.NumberFormat = "0.00"

If Not oLC Is Nothing Then oLC = Nothing

If Not oLst Is Nothing Then oLst = Nothing

If Not oWS Is Nothing Then oWS = Nothing

' --------------------

' Error Handling

' --------------------


If Err <> 0 Then

MsgBox(Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description, vbExclamation, "VBA Tips & Tricks Examples")

Resume Next

End If

End Sub

Excel Range Before Formatting
Excel Range After Formatting

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