Friday, May 04, 2007

Primitive File Handling Functions

Copying Files/ Deleting Files / Moving Files

Sub Moving_Files()

Dim oFS As FileSystemObject

' Copying Files
FileCopy "c:\temp\IamAStar.xls", "c:\temp\backup\IamAStar.xls"

' Deleting Files
Kill "c:\temp\IamAStar.xls"

' Using File System Object - You need to Include Microsoft Scripting Runtime in you references
Set oFS = New FileSystemObject

' Moving Files
oFS.MoveFile "c:\temp\D8C7I12.xls", "c:\temp\backup\D8C7I12.xls"

End Sub

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous2:12 AM

    Thank you Shasur,

    I've been looking for a concise example of how to move a file using VBA for about a week now and then I found your examples.

    They were very easy to use and thank you for noting which references were required to run the code.



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