Friday, May 04, 2007

Compare Files by Date

Function to Find the Latest File

Sub Exec_Get_Latest_File()

File1 = "c:\temp\Sample.txt"
File2 = "c:\temp\Sample1.txt"

MsgBox "The LatestFile is " & Get_Latest_File(File1, File2)

End Sub

Function Get_Latest_File(ByVal sFile1 As String, ByVal sFile2 As String) As String

Dim DateFile1 As Date
Dim DateFile2 As Date

DateFile1 = FileDateTime(sFile1)
DateFile2 = FileDateTime(sFile2)

If DateDiff("s", DateFile1, DateFile2) = 0 Then
Get_Latest_File = "Both Files are Modified at the same time"
ElseIf DateDiff("s", DateFile1, DateFile2) <>
Get_Latest_File = sFile1
Get_Latest_File = sFile2
End If

End Function

1 comment:

  1. ElseIf DateDiff("s", DateFile1, DateFile2) <>

    Should be

    ElseIf DateDiff("s", DateFile1, DateFile2) < 0 then


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