Friday, May 11, 2012

How to Save PowerPoint Presentation as PDF using VBA

How to Convert PowerPoint Presentation PPT to PDF using VBA

PDF is always the universal format for sending the files. With lot of versions of MS Office and other Office suites around .. it is better to circulate the Deck as a PDF

The following snippet converts the Presentation to a PDF and saves in the same folder of the PPT

ActivePresentation.ExportAsFixedFormat ActivePresentation.Path & "\" & ActivePresentation.Name & ".pdf", ppFixedFormatTypePDF, ppFixedFormatIntentPrint


  1. The details in blog are very useful and thanks for the same.
    Can you increase the width of the blog. Some images are getting cut at the ends, and we will also have less scrolling

  2. Good Post, I was confuse in this case actually i was make A+ powerpoint presentation but i was confusing in file converting case to PDF. Thank you

    Harry lee

  3. rasiya10:49 PM

    You can save/convert ppt or pptx files to pdf format using VB.NET with Aspose.Slides for .NET Library. You can view the code to convert ppt or pptx files here.


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