Sunday, May 06, 2012

Excel VBA uninstall Excel Addins

Programmatically uninstall Excel Addins using VBA

Sub UnInstall_Addins_From_EXcel_AddinsList()
Dim oXLAddin As AddIn
For Each oXLAddin In Application.AddIns
Debug.Print oXLAddin.FullName
If oXLAddin.Installed = True Then
oXLAddin.Installed = False
End If
Next oXLAddin
End Sub


  1. I hope you understand my question.
    I realize there are statement that is possible to work just with one like for example.
    msgbox you can play with that only and get screens or result. my question is how possible is clasified the one that work only with others and the one that work alone.

  2. Anonymous4:42 PM

    it unloads the add-in, this is not really an "Uninstallation"!

  3. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Maybe this helps:

    Sub UnInstall_Addins_From_EXcel_AddinsList()
    With ThisWorkbook
    .Saved = True
    .ChangeFileAccess xlReadOnly
    AddIns("YourAddinName").Installed = False
    End With
    Exit Sub
    End Sub
    Private Sub Auto_Remove()
    Kill Application.UserLibraryPath & "YourAddinFileName"
    End Sub


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