Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to iterate through all Subdirectories till the last directory in VBA

List all Level SubDirectories using VBA

The following code lists all the directories under c:\Temp

Function GetSubDir(ByVal sDir)

    Dim oFS As New FileSystemObject
    Dim oDir
    Set oDir = oFS.GetFolder(sDir)
    For Each oSub In oDir.SubFolders
        MsgBox oSub.Path
        GetSubDir oSub.Path
    Next oSub
End Function

You can call the function like shown below

GetSubDir "C:\Temp\"

The code uses FileSystemObject from Microsoft Scripting RunTime. You need to add reference to this library (see figure below)

See also VBA Dir Function to Get Sub Directories


  1. Hi Shasur

    I need your help on this

    I need one macro by which i can take data from text boxes in slides(to excel or notepad or in first slide)

    for example : i show a engine pic in one slide and call out its parts in text boxes. I need to make a list of all part which i included in Text box..

    Please please help me on this

  2. Hi Rahul

    Check if this post ( helps you


  3. Anonymous4:20 AM

    this is not working it says
    sub or function not defined oSub

    1. Hi . I believe you have set the Option Explicit. This is good

      Please declare Dim oSub. It should work for you


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