Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to add description to Macro Functions in Excel VBA

How to add argument description to Macros/User Defined Functions in Excel VBA

User-defined functions are created in Excel for helping the Excel users. It would be good to add descriptions of the arguments used in the functions. This can be done using Application.Macrooptions method

Let us assume a small User Defined Function that takes an argument:

Function A_Sample_UDF(ByVal sArg)

MsgBox "Sample UDF " & sArg

End Function

The following code will add the UDF to information category
Sub Add_UDF()

Dim ArgDes As Variant

ArgDes = Array("First Arg")

Application.MacroOptions Macro:="Personal.XLSB!A_Sample_UDF", Description:="Sample Function", Category:="Information", ArgumentDescriptions:=ArgDes

End Sub

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