Friday, August 21, 2009

How to add Format Conditions using Excel VBA

Conditional Formatting using Excel VBA

Here is a small snippet for FormatConditions.

Sub Format_Condition_Example()

Dim oFc As FormatCondition

Dim oRange As Range

Set oRange = Range("B2:B5")

Set oFc = oRange.FormatConditions.Add(xlCellValue, xlLess, "0.5")

oFc.Interior.ColorIndex = 3

Set oFc = oRange.FormatConditions.Add(xlCellValue, xlBetween, "0.5", "0.80")

oFc.Interior.ColorIndex = 6

Set oFc = oRange.FormatConditions.Add(xlCellValue, xlGreater, "0.80")

oFc.Interior.ColorIndex = 4

End Sub

Excel VBA - Format ConditionsExcel Formatting Conditions

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