Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Add Controls Popup Menu using Powerpoint VBA

Powerpoint Application - Create Popup menu using VBA

The following code is a simple one to create popup menu in Powerpoint using VBA

Sub Add_Ctrl_To_Popup(ByVal sControlName As String, ByVal sMacroName As String)

On Error GoTo DisplayErr

' ---------------------------------------------------------------'
Written By Shasur for
Dim ctlCB As CommandBarDim ctlCommand As CommandBarControl

Set ctlCB = Application.CommandBars("Shapes")

If ctlCB Is Nothing Then Exit Sub

Set ctlCommand = ctlCB.Controls.Add

ctlCommand.Caption = sControlName

ctlCommand.OnAction = sMacroName


If Err <> 0 Then

MsgBox Err.Description

Resume Next

End If
End Sub

Following sub will call the function

Sub Drive_Add_Ctrl_To_Poppup()
Add_Ctrl_To_Poppup "NewMenu", "Test"
End Sub

The above function will add an item to popup menu using VBA and assign a macro to it

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