Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Add Control To PopupMenu

Add Control To PopupMenu

Use this function to add the control to the popup menu

Function Add_Control_To_PopupMenu(ByVal sControlName As String, ByVal sMacroName As String)

On Error GoTo DisplayErr

Dim ctlCB As CommandBar
Dim ctlMenu As CommandBarControl
Dim ctlCommand As CommandBarControl

Set ctlCB = Application.CommandBars("Cell")

If ctlCB Is Nothing Then Exit Function

Set ctlCommand = ctlCB.Controls.Add
ctlCommand.Caption = sControlName
ctlCommand.OnAction = sMacroName

If Err <> 0 Then
MsgBox Err.Description
End If

'Creating Custom Office Menus and Toolbars, Programming Microsoft Office Command Bars, CommandBars Property, Creating an Excel Add-in, Disable command bars and controls, Change the availability for the CommandBars using VBA, Delete/ hide a custom command bar

End Function
Sub Call_Add_Control_To_PopupMenu()

' ---------------------------------------------------------------
' Written By Shanmuga Sundara Raman for http://vbadud.blogspot.com
' ---------------------------------------------------------------

Add_Control_To_PopupMenu "Sample", "Donot_Fire_Events"

End Sub

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