Sunday, April 08, 2007

Spacing in Text Files

Formatting Report , Formatting Text Files, Aligning Text File

For a Neatly Spaced Text File:

Sub EquiSpaced_TextFile()

' ---------------------------------------------------------------
' Written By Shanmuga Sundara Raman for
' ---------------------------------------------------------------

Dim iMaxLength As Integer

iMaxLength = 20

Open "d:\VBADudExamples\TabbedFile.txt" For Output As #1 ' Open file for output.

Print #1, "Name "; Tab(iMaxLength); "Santhosh Prabhakaran"
Print #1, "Place "; Tab(iMaxLength); "Madras"
Print #1, "Designation "; Tab(iMaxLength); "Admin Manager"

Close #1 ' Close file.

' Excel VBA, Write to Text File, Neatly Spaced Text File

End Sub

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