Sunday, March 02, 2008

Calculate Workdays - Excel VBA

Calculate the End date based on No. of Days using Excel Function / VBA

Most of the time you want to exclude weekends in the calculation for workdays, here is the simple way to do that.

This uses WORKDAY WorksheetFunction, which returns a number that represents a date that is the indicated number of working days before or after a date (the starting date). Working days exclude weekends and any dates identified as holidays. Use WORKDAY to exclude weekends or holidays when you calculate invoice due dates, expected delivery times, or the number of days of work performed.

Function Calculate_Workday()

Dim WrkDays As Integer
Dim StartDate As Date
Dim EndDate As Date

StartDate = Now
EndDate = WorksheetFunction.WorkDay(StartDate, 12)

End Function

The above excludes weekends and calculates the end date of the task based on the no. of days

Calculate the End date programmatically, Code Calculate Workdays - Excel VBA,

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