Thursday, December 14, 2006

Get the Device Name (API Function)

Declare the API Function

Private Declare Function QueryDosDeviceW Lib "kernel32.dll" ( _ ByVal lpDeviceName As Long, _ ByVal lpTargetPath As Long, _ ByVal ucchMax As Long _ ) As Long Const MAX_PATH = 260

The following function accepts the drive as string and returns the device name

Public Function GetNtDeviceNameForDrive( _

ByVal sDrive As String) As String

Dim bDrive() As Byte

Dim bResult() As Byte

Dim lR As Long

Dim sDeviceName As String

If Right(sDrive, 1) = "\" Then

If Len(sDrive) > 1 Then

sDrive = Left(sDrive, Len(sDrive) - 1)

End If

End If

bDrive = sDrive

ReDim Preserve bDrive(0 To UBound(bDrive) + 2) As Byte

ReDim bResult(0 To MAX_PATH * 2 + 1) As Byte

lR = QueryDosDeviceW(VarPtr(bDrive(0)), VarPtr(bResult(0)), MAX_PATH)

If (lR > 2) Then

sDeviceName = bResult

sDeviceName = Left(sDeviceName, lR - 2)

GetNtDeviceNameForDrive = sDeviceName

End If

End Function

For example

Sub Trial()

MsgBox GetNtDeviceNameForDrive("c:")

End Sub

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