Friday, December 08, 2006

Filler Function

Filler Function for Microsoft Excel

Function Filler(ByVal sBase As String, ByVal sFiller As String, ByVal iLen As Integer) As String

' ******** Filler **************************************
' Generic Function to stuff characters as prefix to a string
' ******************************************************

Dim i As Integer
If iLen > Len(sBase) Then
For i = Len(sBase) To iLen - 1
sBase = sFiller & sBase '* Stuff the string with specified filler characters
Next i
End If
Filler = sBase '* Return the stuffed string

End Function

This function can be used to fill equal number of spaces or fill zeroes for any string.

This can be used for Microsoft EXcel and also in Visual Basic PRograms

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