Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Format Part of Content Controls in Word VBA

Word VBA - Format Some portion of Rich Text Content Control Programatically

ContentControls have become ubiquitous with Word documents nowadays. Rich Text Content Control is used by many developers and authors to represent useful information.

At times there is a necessity to highlight / format some part of the Text in that control. You can either search for the text and highlight it or Highlight them based on position

The following example shows how to boldface certain portion of ContentControl

Sub FormatContentControl()

Dim oCC As ContentControl
Dim oCCRange As Range
Dim oCCRngFormat As Range
Dim oChr As Range

Set oCC = ActiveDocument.ContentControls(1)
oCC.Type = wdContentControlRichText
Set oCCRange = oCC.Range
Set oCCRngFormat = oCCRange.Duplicate

oCC.LockContentControl = False
oCC.LockContents = False

oCCRngFormat.Start = 20
oCCRngFormat.End = oCCRange.End

For Each oChr In oCCRngFormat.Characters
    oChr.Font.Bold = True
Next oChr

oCCRngFormat.Font.Bold = -1
oCCRngFormat.Font.Underline = WdUnderline.wdUnderlineSingle

oCCRngFormat.Start = oCCRange.End
oCCRngFormat.Font.Bold = 0
oCCRngFormat.Font.Underline = WdUnderline.wdUnderlineNone

End Sub

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