Thursday, June 24, 2010

VBA : How to convert text file to speech (audio) using VBA

Text to Speech using Excel VBA : Audio/Speech from input file

If you want to spell out the content of text file using VBA you can do it as shown below:

Sub Speech_FromFile_Example()

Dim oVoice As SpVoice                               ' Voice Object
Dim oVoiceFile As SpFileStream                      ' File Stream Object
Dim sFile As String                                 ' File Name

Set oVoice = New SpVoice
Set oVoiceFile = New SpFileStream

' --------------------------------------------------------------
' Code for
' --------------------------------------------------------------

oVoice.Speak "This is an example for reading out a file"

sFile = "C:\ShasurData\ForBlogger\SpeechSample.txt"

oVoiceFile.Open sFile

oVoice.SpeakStream oVoiceFile

End Sub

The above code creates a filestream and reads the text file and the Voice object speaks it out!

The code requires Microsoft Speech Object Library (see figure below)

See also:

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  1. Good but how to save mp3 file of that text


  2. Thank you for sharing this code snippet.

    I would really like to know how to save the output of speech to a MP3 file.

  3. I get an error about the function being restricted or using an automation interface not supported by VBA...


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