Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to Save a Chart as Image using Excel VBA

Here is the way to save the active chart in Excel 2007 to a JPG file. It is better to size the chart appropriately before exporting it as an image.

Sub Save_ChartAsImage()

Dim oCht As Chart

Set oCht = ActiveChart

On erRROR GoTo Err_Chart

oCht.Export Filename:="C:\PopularICON.jpg", Filtername:="JPG"


If Err <> 0 Then

Debug.Print Err.Description


End If

End Sub

The code uses Export method to save the chart in graphics format


  1. this is a best way to convert a excel sheet into a image file

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM

    It works for me. I Love it !!!

  3. Anonymous7:33 AM

    Is there a way to do the same with a table/group of formatted cells? i.e. export as .JPEG using vba.

  4. Can you check if the following works for you

  5. Changing the jpg line to a png allows for a crisper export.

    oCht.Export Filename:="C:\ExcelChartExport.png", Filtername:="png"

    Jpgs work well for pictures of people and things just not computer output..

    I also changed the name of the export..
    Thanks for the tip !!

  6. Anonymous8:24 AM

    Can this be done with a shape object, such as a picture? I'm tearing my hair out on this. Excel 2003.

  7. Anonymous12:58 AM

    but image is not clear......


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