Thursday, January 01, 2009

Expand Ranges in Word using VBA

Word VBA Expand Range function

Many times ranges like 1-4 needs to be expanded. Here is a simple function to do the same.

Function ExpandRanges(ByVal sNoRange As String) As String

Dim arTemp

Dim iLowVal As Integer

Dim iUpVal As Integer

Dim i1 As Integer

Dim sRet As String

If InStr(1, sNoRange, "-") = 0 Then MsgBox "Given No not a Range ": Exit Function

arTemp = Split(sNoRange, "-")

iLowVal = Val(arTemp(0))

iUpVal = Val(arTemp(1))

For i1 = iLowVal To iUpVal

sRet = sRet & "," & i1

Next i1

sRet = Right(sRet, Len(sRet) - 1)

ExpandRanges = sRet

End Function

Here is a sample output

Expand Ranges in Word

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