Saturday, October 11, 2008

Programmatically Delete Word Addins from the Addins List using VBA

Delete Word Addins using Word VBA

At times there will be quite a no of Addins that you would have tested in Word and they will line-up in the Addins List or you would have added no of versions of the same addin and it still is showing on the list

The following code will delete all uninstalled word addins from the Addins List

Private Sub Delete_UnInstalled_WordAddins()

Dim oAddin As AddIn

On Error GoTo Err_Addin

For Each oAddin In AddIns

If oAddin.Installed = False Then


End If

Next oAddin


If Not oAddin Is Nothing Then Set oAddin = Nothing


If Err < > 0 Then


GoTo Finally

End If

End Sub

Uninstalled Word Addin

Word Addins Removed using VBA

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