Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Create Pivot Table from VBA using Wizard

Use PivotTable Wizard Programmatically using Excel VBA

You can use PivotTableWizard method of Worksheet object to create a new PivotTable report. This method doesn’t display the PivotTable Wizard. This method isn’t available for OLE DB data sources. Use the Add method to add a PivotTable cache, and then create a PivotTable report based on the cache

Sub Create_Pivot_Table_Using_Wizard()

Dim oPT As PivotTable

Dim oWS As Worksheet

On Error GoTo Err_PT

If ActiveSheet.Type = xlWorksheet Then

oWS = ActiveSheet

oPT = oWS.PivotTableWizard(xlDatabase, oWS.UsedRange, oWS.Range("A20"), "PivotFromWizard")

oPT.AddFields("Item", , "Qty")

oPT.AddDataField(oPT.PivotFields("Qty"), "Quanity", xlSum)


End If

Exit Sub




End Sub

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Create Pivot Table from VBA using Wizard

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  1. Anonymous7:41 AM


    When trying this macro, why do I get an error: "synthax error". I copy/pasted exactly what you wrote.

    Thank you


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