Sunday, July 08, 2007

Get the Height & Width of Shapes / Figures in Word Document (Word VBA)

Height & Width of Shapes / InlineShapes in Word Document (Word VBA)

Figures are embedded in the word document and when they move they are a nemesis. Programmers are often given the job of aligning, resizing etc. Here is a simple example to get the height of the Shapes. Here you will notice that a particular inline shape has been singled out. You will get to know this if you run this in the document:)

Sub Figure_Attributes()
Dim sRep
sRep = ""
For I = 1 To ActiveDocument.InlineShapes.Count
If ((ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(I).Type > 0 And ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(I).Type <> 7 And ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(I).Type < 18)) Then
Height = ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(I).Height
Width1 = ActiveDocument.InlineShapes(I).Width
If Selection.Fields.Count = 0 Then
sRep = sRep & fname & vbTab & Height & vbTab & Width1 & vbCr
End If
End If
Next I
For I = 1 To ActiveDocument.Shapes.Count
Height = ActiveDocument.Shapes(I).Height
Width1 = ActiveDocument.Shapes(I).Width
sRep = sRep & fname & vbTab & Height & vbTab & Width1 & vbCr
Next I
MsgBox "Attributes of all the shapes in " & ActiveDocument.Name & vbCrLf & sRep
End Sub

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