Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Extract Procedure Names from all Modules - VBA

Count No of Programs in a Workbook

Workbooks have Macros, If you need to know if the Workbook contains macros and then the following proc will get you the macros in the workbook

Sub Extract_Program()

Dim VBP As VBProject
Dim VBModule As CodeModule
Dim VBProc As VBComponent
Dim sLastProcName As String
Dim arProcName() As String
Dim iProcCount As Integer

Set VBP = ThisWorkbook.VBProject

For Each VBM In VBP.VBComponents

Set VBModule = VBM.CodeModule

i = 1
Do Until i >= VBModule.CountOfLines

procname = VBModule.ProcOfLine(i, vbext_pk_Proc)
i = i + 1
If LenB(procname) <> 0 Then
If procname <> sLastProcName Then
iProcCount = iProcCount + 1
ReDim Preserve arProcName(iProcCount)
arProcName(iProcCount) = procname
sLastProcName = procname
End If
End If

' List all procedures
For i = 1 To UBound(arProcName)
MsgBox arProcName(i)
Next i
End Sub


  1. wats is the meaning of VBM, where is it declared, i am trying to execute this logic using c# but i am stuck at vbm.

    "For Each VBM In VBP.VBComponents"


  2. Hi Jaipal

    VBM is a VBComponent. You can declare it as a VBComponent or simply an Object


  3. Anonymous1:13 PM

    it needs clear explanation and variables. It is no easy for who is new to VBA.
    Be clear please!

  4. Anonymous1:12 PM

    For those of us who use Option Explicit, it helps to define the vars.


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